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To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive and have provided in-depth answers so you can make an informed purchasing decision. It is all a part of our commitment to offer you the best service available.

What type of services do you offer?

We are a free resource that allows consumers to compare vehicle insurance quotes from trusted providers in one spot with no commitment to buy. We can help you determine which policy will fit you best or simply educate you about plans in general so you can make an informed purchasing decision. We make it easy to protect yourself and your loved ones on the roads at all time.

How can I get quotes that I can compare?

Simply begin by completing our simple, secure application form located on this site to get quotes delivered directly to you. We will only ask for basic contact information and some details about your vehicle. It should only take you a couple minutes to complete the form, so you can rest assured that you won't waste valuable time. Once you have submitted it, we will cross reference it with our expansive network of insurers to find several that will best meet your specific needs. It goes without saying that we do not believe in one-size-fits-all policies so you can rest assured that you will only be offered plans and rates that are customized to you. The information is always presented in straightforward terms so you can make the right decision. Furthermore, you can save the information and pick up where you left off at a later time. As you can see, the process is simple and centered around you and your specific needs!

Auto Insurance FAQ

Are you an insurance company?

We are absolutely not. We believe that consumers are best served by unbiased resources such as ours. We are not an insurer nor are we directly affiliated with any. This means you can trust the information and pricing we provide is from companies that are competing for your business. You will never be pressured to choose a plan when using our free service.

What insurers will offer my quotes?

This entirely depends on where you live and the details you provide us. Since each company determines rates using different criteria, we are committed to helping you find the option that fits you best. Our partners are some of the highest rated providers in the business, so you can rest assured you will experience great customer service no matter which option you choose.

Is there any way I can lower the my premiums?

Thankfully, there are many ways for consumers to save money on their policies. Providers offer savings and incentives to those who drive responsibly, get good grades in school and bundle plans. These are just a few ways one can save money. Furthermore, a high credit score and lower balance on any auto credit will help you qualify for additional savings. Finally, there are some steps you can take to lower the amount you will pay. Choosing a higher deductible will likely keep your premiums lower, but may cost you more if you get into an accident. You also have flexibility in many of the different types of coverage available.

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