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How to Maximize Savings Without Compromising Protection

When you start comparison shopping, it might be tempting to forego coverage in order to save a buck or two. To aid you in your research, we have provided further explanation on some of the most common types of savings incentives providers offer.

Auto Insurance Discounts
  1. Bundle policies - The easiest way to save money on coverage is to bundle policies with a specific insurer. This means you choose company A and purchase auto and home insurance through them. Almost every carrier promotes this incentive as a way of bringing in more revenue. Therefore, it is a win-win or both parties and something you should seriously consider. To make things even easier for you, we allow you to compare the rates of different types of plans using our site.
  2. Study harder - Good grades can amount to more than simply an attractive transcript. Many providers offer discounts for students that achieve good grades. Most consider anything over a "B" average good enough to qualify, but the standards will vary among providers.
  3. Safety first - for savings - As if you needed more incentive to drive a safe vehicle and be responsible on the roads, your provider will likely make it even more desirable by offering you discounts for being a safe motorist and driving a vehicle that is well-equipped with the latest safety features. Be sure to examine all of your options.
  4. Anti-theft devices - You could easily save up to 25% off your premium if your vehicle has some sort of anti-theft mechanism such as a car alarm installed.
  5. Play defense on the roads - Swallowing your pride and being a defensive driver can save you tons of money. Try to work on your aggressive tendencies behind the wheel and anticipate other automobiles on the road. Furthermore, see if you can get a discount for successfully taking a defensive driving course.
  6. Be responsible - Safe driving depends on everybody on the road. Make sure you are a good citizen and you do all that you can to avoid a wreck. Having a clean record could also help you save a lot of money.
  7. Consolidate coverage - If you have a couple vehicles that are insured through different companies, it might be worth your while to switch to a single carrier. Most providers will extend discounts if you insure multiple vehicles through them so take a minute to compare quotes!
  8. Consider your business - Most carriers have teamed up with certain professional organizations to offer insurance savings to employees and contractors. See if your organization provides discounts.
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